About Me 

The vast majority of smokers start by inhaling through the mouth, including me inhaling the smoke into the lungs deeply before exhaling it. The intensity of the first aspiration with the mouth and the retention time of smoke in the lungs can vary from one smoker to another.

My name is Bran and I’m the proud founder of this blog, I will be sharing my stories my experience and everything I’ve learned in the world of vaping. So join me.

Its not uncommon to find that a smoker used to smoking cigarettes considered “strong” and switching to so-called “light” cigarettes, will tend to take much larger puffs, both in intensity and in their frequency, in order to fill the lack of nicotine. This is why many experts agree that “light” cigarettes are no less dangerous than strong ones. We simply shoot differently depending on the type of cigarette. The danger may even be greater with light cigarettes where the smoker pulls faster and more intensely, thus increasing the temperature of combustion, and consequently the production of harmful substances at higher levels.


Tobaccoologists call this phenomenon autotitration. To put it simply, the smoker’s brain knows exactly the dose of nicotine he needs and will trigger behavioral mechanisms adapted to the situation to obtain satisfaction. Thus, we will not smoke in the same way depending on the time of day, the level of stress, the type of cigarettes used, etc.

With the electronic cigarette the principle of autotitration remains the same but with the fundamental difference that the nicotine contained in e-liquids for electronic cigarettes does not arrive as quickly to the brain as with tobacco cigarettes. In addition, the nicotine in traditional cigarettes is increased by complex chemical reactions resulting from the combustion and specific treatment of tobacco in the factory. As a result, the smoker who starts vaping will have to adapt his behavior in order to obtain doses of nicotine satisfactory for his smoking brain.

Vapote more often and more slowly

To vapote correctly it is necessary in a first to make sure that his electronic cigarette is correctly fed with e-liquid. If this is not the case, you may experience the very unpleasant experience of dry hit, the dry puff, which can cause abnormal production of acrolein or formaldehyde. Rest assured the human body detects these substances very quickly, the taste in the mouth of the steam will be pungent, dry and pungent and actually unbearable.

In a second step it will also pay attention to the settings of your device if it offers special configuration possibilities (variation of voltage or power for example). Also be careful not to overheat your resistance unnecessarily at the risk of promoting the possible production of harmful compounds abnormally high in the steam. Refer to the user guide to know the best practices for using your device.


Vape in four stages

1 – Once your electronic cigarette in mouth, press the button of activation (called switch or fire in the jargon of the vapoteurs). Do not press this button if you do not have your electronic cigarette in your mouth. The air flow created by the suction contributes to the cooling of the resistance, but the goal is not to heat it too much. The button should only be triggered at the beginning of aspiration.

2 – Aspirate with the mouth, as you did with your cigarette, but longer and more slowly.

3 – When inhaling the steam with your lungs, try not to keep it too long or you may leak very little steam. Indeed, the lifetime of the e-cigarette vapor in the air is much lower than that of a cigarette. The visual aspect of the smoke may seem fortuitous, but it still has its importance. To make sure, think of a cigarette smoked in the dark, it is not very pleasant. Seeing the smoke, newly transformed into steam in our case, also satisfies the eyes, and therefore the brain.

4 – Space puffs as much as possible so as not to overheat the resistance that equips your atomizer. However do not worry too much about the number of puffs. It is perfectly normal for a new vaper to constantly fire on it.

About nicotine in electronic cigarettes

Remember that nicotine delivered by an electronic cigarette takes longer to pass through your bloodstream and fails with the same force. To reach the same level of nicotemia, the vapoteur will have to vapot more often and longer than the smoker. The tobacco cigarette brings a shoot, that does not allow, to a certain extent, the electronic cigarette. Finally, nicotine itself, at the doses administered by smokers or vapers, presents no major risks.